‘The art of the everyday’

October 15, 2018

‘The art of the everyday’ is the simplest way to explain what I aim to capture during a lifestyle session. I want to tell a story about your lives. The newness of your new addition, the things you love to do as a family, your surroundings and your favourite things. A lifestyle photo session would always be my photo shoot of choice – not least because my natural style of photography has been described as story-telling, authentic and heartfelt. I love to capture spontaneous expressions, families having fun, the little details, wider shots and above all, the emotion and connection. Lifestyle sessions can take place in your home or on location, the choice is yours.

Having said all of that, great lifestyle shoots don’t happen accidentally. I am in the process of writing a guide for ‘how to prepare for your lifestyle shoot’ to email out to clients once they have booked a session with me but in the meantime, if you are considering booking a shoot with me, here are some points for you to consider that give an insight into how I work.

Firstly, if you are having a photo shoot at home, you do not need a house styled by The White Company! This is your story. Once we have established where you would like the photos to take place (typically this can be the bedroom, lounge, nursery…), it is certainly good to have a few clutter free zones but that does not mean you have to put everything away and repaint your house in elephant’s breath and winter white! Too many objects in a photo can be distracting but the background also needs to reflect who you are – it’s a balance. Actually, one more thing … white bedding does photograph REALLY well and has the added bonus of reflecting light! I only shoot with natural light which can be challenging indoors so anything to maximise that is a great help.

Activities are the key to capturing great shots. Indoors or out. This can be anything from a walk on the beach, a favourite picnic spot, reading, cooking with the kids, dancing, playing games, snuggling on the bed. The choice is yours – how would you like to be photographed? I will give ‘gentle direction’ to get the best shots whilst also including some time out (mainly for the kids’ sake but I’ll keep snapping!) This results in very natural looking photos and a variety of combinations with different family members. I can also incorporate a few, more formal, family pictures into the session if you would like me to.

Now for the question I get asked the most – ‘What shall we wear?’ It is important you feel comfortable but also important that you, as a family, co-ordinate, rather than match. The styling of a photo session really does make all the difference. I chat this through in more detail before the session happens and I can also point you in the direction of my Pinterest boards showing examples of families with colour palette suggestions. Whilst it is great to let the kids choose their own outfits, it may be beneficial to the overall look of the photos to limit them to a choice of three! Generally speaking, light and neutral colours work really well (and reflect light). Avoid bold patterns, logos and anything too formal – also, bright colours can create a colour cast on your skin. I am very happy for you to lay out your clothing suggestions and send me a snap beforehand to make tweaks if necessary as this always seems to be the area that most clients (okay, Mums!) worry about the most!

Finally, this is a really fun and relaxed photo session and there is absolutely no limit on time. Many of my testimonials comment particularly how I make people feel at ease and make the session fun. There really is no rush and I never plan more than one shoot per day. I really do love what I do and hopefully you will too!

‘Working with Sarah was an absolute pleasure. She puts you thoroughly at ease, creates beautifully relaxed, natural images and has the uncanny ability to capture the most wonderful moments. Highly recommended!’

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