spare posts page


The theme template pages (like Home or Contact) have predefined blocks, added in predefined order. You can activate or disable blocks to change the page layout, but you cannot use the blocks that are not part of the predefined template as well as well reorder blocks of the template.

In order to create this page I used Default Template. Using Default Template you can create a custom page with any layout that you prefer. In the backend you will see a list of predefined blocks, some of them are included in other pages, some are custom. You can create the page layout by adding the blocks, you can reorder them, insert similar layout blocks multiple times, make the pages as long as you want.

Using this template you can replicate any other predefined template, however the order of elements will be flexible.



Thank you for being patient and checked the whole page Rosemary created. It took her only 10 minutes to create this page. It can be much longer and look very different, as you prefer. And you can also insert a video into it: